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Regenerative Medicine

Using stem cells and exosomes for treating or repairing damaged tissues and organs holds tremendous potential in future medicine for anti-aging, treating wounds, nerve injuries, and degenerative diseases. Some items are already being applied in practical clinical uses. Stable and pharmaceutical-grade cell culture technology stands as a crucial factor, the smart cell culture laboratory and numerous patented cell culture experiments enable rapid and cost-effective setup, providing a stable and continuous supply of high-quality stem cells.

  • Intelligent GMP-grade Cell Production Isolator (feat. TAILIN)   

  • Optimized Cell Processing (feat. BIJ)

Molecular Testing

Partnering with New England Precision Medicine Laboratory, we not only encompass ISO13485 standard clinical medical examination items but also progressively establish multiple molecular testing technologies. This includes immune cell typing and counting, genetic testing, and pathological examinations, covering precise preventive medicine for both healthy and sub-healthy populations, and even precision medical treatment after disease onset. We aim to provide comprehensive clinical reference indicators to meet the needs of present and future medicine.

Digital Health System

Boston Biotherapy Ins. is ArisGlobal's strategic partner in Taiwan, and as such, it possesses extensive experience in cloud-based management system integration. This expertise extends to various areas within the pharmaceutical industry, such as clinical research data management, regulatory affairs, and medical collaboration, all of which contribute to accelerating the research and development process more efficiently. Additionally, we integrate a cloud-based digital Mini-PACS system for medical imaging, which aids healthcare facilities in expediting clinical diagnosis and data management efficiency.


From pre-clinical research to managing examination data and images, as well as health management, We can provide a series of digital health solutions.

Expert Team Consultation

For the seamless integration of future medical services, it's not only essential to leverage the finest and cutting-edge technologies but also to have the support of a proficient consulting team with a proven track record of successful implementations. Together with our relevant partners, we have collaborated with over 500 companies and 300 medical institutions globally to integrate services effectively. Our approach involves understanding your specific requirements and budget, enabling us to create customized solutions that align perfectly with your local medical service upgrade needs. Our team of project managers and international expert consultants are here to ensure a smooth and successful implementation process.

Regenerative Medicine
Molecular Testing
Digital Health
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